Family Time

June 5th, 2012 by Behaven Kids

This past weekend was very eventful for our family.  Omaha had a couple of great events this weekend that we were able to partake in as a family: Sand in the City and Taste of Omaha.  These events were a great alternative to the normal hustle and bustle of the weekend grind in our household.

Terrell works all week, while I stay home with the children.  The weekend is always the first opportunity for us to attempt to unwind, yet it is always filled with activities and commitments that we have to remain loyal to.  With that being said, while we would like to have “family time” on the weekend, often times we are split up doing our own things.  Saturday mornings usually find me up early attending meetings for a couple of organizations/groups I serve in, in addition to taking Kalila to choir rehearsal.  When I’m away at meetings, Terrell is usually home with the kids until I return in the early afternoon.  By that time our kids are off to their grandparents’ houses for their weekly visits, or hanging out with their aunts and uncles.  As you can see, it’s easy for our family to miss out on “family time” on the weekends. So this weekend I had to make a concerted effort to get Terrell, the kids, and myself to do an activity together as a family.  Omaha was a great city to be living in this weekend, helping to provide the platform for our family time with all the downtown events taking place.

Saturday was our true family time since it included all five of us at one event.  We all went to Sand in the City, a fundraiser for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society that featured sand structures built by local companies.  They also had live entertainment, face painting, bouncy houses, and a large sand pile for the kids to build sand castles.  We spent about two hours at the event and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Our kids were intrigued by the intricate designs of the sand structures developed by the organizations who built them.  One of our favorites was the Angry Birds structure built by Kiewit.  My daughter, Kalila, loved the Rapunzel sand structure that featured a long braid hanging out of her tower window, complete with a red bow.


Then on Sunday, Terrell and Israel stayed home for a nap, while Kalila, Keyonu, and I traveled back downtown to experience the Taste of Omaha; an event where you can taste cuisine from several Omaha restaurants at a low price.  I wanted to make sure Kalila and Keyonu felt the love this weekend from their parents, and I’m certain they did.  It felt a little incomplete without Dad and Izzy with us, but it allowed for me to have bonding time with the older kids without having to focus so much attention on the baby.  And with Sand in the City, it felt good to be out as a family on a day that we would normally put the “to do” list before our quality time.

I think it’s convenient for families to run errands on the weekends as opposed to during the week.  But have you ever considered what is taken away or sacrificed regarding the dynamic of quality time?  In our family, it’s not always easy to run errands together so we will have to discover a way to balance family time with the “to do” list.



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