Janie & Roger

Meet Janie and Roger Peterson

Behaven Kids founders Janie and Roger Peterson are Nebraska Licensed Mental Health Therapists. They have helped children and families work through behavioral challenges for over 3 decades.

Janie and Roger opened the first location of Behaven Kids in 2000. Leading up to forming their own company, the Petersons pursued joint careers in human services serving families and children.

Both graduated from Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio, with undergraduate degrees in psychology and went on to add masters’ degrees in human development and family life from the University of Kansas.

They specialized in the family teaching model and became certified family teachers at Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home (the original Boys Town) in Omaha, NE, early in their careers and advanced through various management and training positions, separately working with at-risk youth and professional staff.

Janie was the National Director of Family Preservation Services at Boys Town and eventually coordinated the Home Campus Family Services where she was a professional consultant to up to 100 staff members.

Roger became the Director of Emergency Shelter Services at Boys Town and then headed the Education Training Services for Boys Town’s National Resource & Training Center. He later took a position as Operations Manager for the Children’s Respite Care Center in Omaha and after that was Program Director for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society during the early years of Behaven Kids.

Individually, their accomplishments are exemplary. Together, their synergy is astounding.

They have jointly presented countless training workshops and developed materials for professionals at national symposiums and for local groups as well. They enjoy presenting hands-on parenting workshops for parents and caregivers.

Each has pursued individual research interests. With his colleagues, Roger has published findings on studies in the areas of youth shelters and emergency youth services, and his professional work has been published in such prestigious peer-reviewed publications as the Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Janie and her research colleagues have published in the areas of children and family preservation. Both Petersons serve as consultants for national and regional family and children’s services and school districts.

Janie and Roger have written the parenting books published by their own independent publishing company, Behave’n Kids Press, Inc.

Married over 35 years, Janie and Roger have raised 3 daughters and now enjoy being grandparents and foster grandparents. They are also adoptive parents and have been foster parents.