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“You Should Write a Book” – and We Did

We love sharing our parenting ideas. And writing books just seemed like such a natural extension of our work at Behaven Kids. After our first book, we wrote another and yet another, and more are coming.

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Heaven Cents – It’s hard to stay quiet, play nicely and be good in church. That is, until Elmer and Lu discover a secret from Mom and Dad!






Heaven Cents for Parents – how to teach children appropriate church behavior, while making church an activity that they can look forward to.







Mini Methods or Madness: Small Steps that Make Big Changes in Your Kids’ Behavior – How to teach your children better behavior while developing strong and lasting bonds with them.






The Sleep Fairy – Helping children learn to stay in bed after they have been tucked in for the night is a challenge all parents face. Learn how the make bedtime a happy time.