Heaven Cents

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Heaven Cents: A “Cents”ible solution for problem church behavior

Does the thought of another church service spent trying to get your child to behave make you want to stay home? You’re not alone! Heaven Cents shows you how to teach children appropriate church behavior, while making church an activity that they can look forward to. The Petersons have taught thousands of frustrated parents, teachers and caregivers better methods of caring for children with behavior issues, and now you can learn them too!

Heaven Cents and the children’s companion picture book will make church a whole different experience through their tried and tested techniques. When you start using the steps with your children, they will soon be listening and behaving in church, making it a more fulfilling experience for all. You’ll agree that these methods are truly Heaven sent!

Click Here to purchase “Heaven Cents” a children’s book

It’s hard to stay quiet, play nicely and be good in church. That is, until Elmer and Lu discover a secret from Mom and Dad!

Join Elmer, Lu, and their parents as they learn a new way to behave in church.

“One of the most stressful things for families with young children is the fear of their children being distuptive during worship services. It often causes parents to either not attend or take turns staying home with the kids. If parents are willing to teach, this could be the answer.”

Michael T. Moten, Pastor of One Way Ministry Apostles’ Doctrine Church and Chambers Chapel, Boys Town’s Protestant Church