Mini Methods or Madness

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Mini Methods or Madness: Small Steps That Make BIG Changes in Your Kids’ Behavior

iParenting Media Awards Excellent Product 2006

At Last! Mini Methods or Madness shows you how to teach your children better behavior while developing strong and lasting bonds with them. Janie and Roger Peterson have taught thousands of frustrated parents, teachers and caregivers their Mini Methods, and now you can learn them too!

In a few short hours, you’ll learn the Mini Methods that can bring real change to your children’s behavior. Then you practice the techniques with your children, and soon they will be listening and following directions and you’ll be a happier, more fulfilled parent or caregiver. You might even have a little fun with your kids! Get started today.


iParenting reviewers had this to say about Mini Methods or Madness:

Mini Methods or Madness provides parents with options in correcting negative behaviors. It contains some very good, thoughtful ideas and concepts. It puts spending time with your child in a positive atmosphere instead of a negative, punishment atmosphere.”

Mini Methods or Madness seemed to give a really common-sense approach to discipline – give positive attention and praise and model/practice good behavior and give immediate, negative consequences for naughty behavior by limiting the amount of attention you give to the child. I really like how this method helps a parent learn to discipline in a calm manner. I like the fact that the book includes instructions for teaching the method to your child.”

“Very easy to read. The fast facts, exercises, resources and quizzes were excellent features. The book is a great reference and it is very easy to find items that you would like to read again.”