Child Behavior Coaching

If you’re a parent, or someone who works with young children, you’ve no doubt had a question or needed quick advice related to misbehavior.

Questions like these are common:

  • What behavior should I ignore, and what should I deal with?
  • How do I set boundaries for my young child without being too strict or not strict enough?
  • I have a picky eater. How can I make dinnertime more peaceful for my family?
  • What should I do when temper tantrums strike in public places?


Behaven Kids can help!

Child behavior coaching is not therapy. It’s short-term advising, in 15-minute increments. Ask your question of a Behaven Kids professional over the phone or via e-mail, whichever you prefer. And we’ll work with your schedule, so you can receive advice whenever it is most convenient for you.

All questions are answered by highly trained professionals who possess excellent knowledge of the techniques used at Behaven Kids. These techniques work with children of all ages.

Services may vary by program. Purchase Child Behavior Coaching sessions below or contact the program nearest you for more information.

Please Note: The first Child Behavior Coaching Session must be scheduled within 30 days of purchase.

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Child Behavior Coaching