“He was labeled as a ‘bad boy’” – Andrew’s Story

Our son, Andrew, has had behavioral problems his whole life. It just went unnoticed and denied until it escalated so badly that he was unsafe around other children. It all came to a head when he was expelled from a Catholic daycare center for using foul language on a regular basis, hitting others for no reason, and threatening to choke teachers and younger, more vulnerable kids. He was back talking, throwing temper tantrums, hitting us and was always defiant to authority figures. He was labeled as a “bad boy” and he knew it.

Nothing we did at home made a difference: consistency, spanking, raising our voices and threats of not being able to play with other kids failed. Andrew went to counseling and was diagnosed by a psychologist with manic depression and impulse disorder. We were told to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist, who would most likely prescribe medication. Meds were the last thing on our minds, but we were desperate and would do anything to have peace of mind again. We were at the end of our rope and out of patience.

We called many school systems and finally someone gave us a lead to call Behaven Kids. When the director explained that they deal exclusively with kids with behavioral problems, we knew this was the answer to our prayers, and it was.

Andrew was at Behaven Kids for two days and was a reformed, new child. We call it a miracle. He listens, he is very polite, he can live and breathe in his own skin, he is confident, he is fun to be around, and we are confident he will be safe around others. When he does act like any 5-year-old and gets into trouble, we use the same time-out system we learned at Behaven Kids. We praise him for all of his good deeds and take away social attention when he is misbehaving. He is not and never has been on medication. He does not need counseling or a psychiatrist.

We are proud to say he graduated Behaven Kids in 7 weeks and is currently adjusting well to kindergarten. Behaven Kids has been so supportive and we are grateful. Thank you, Behaven Kids, for your advice and for allowing us to have a happy family life.