“Spitting, biting, hitting and throwing things” – Nick’s Story

I am the mother of a 5-year-old little boy. At the age of 4, my son, Nick, started having inappropriate, uncontrollable outbursts. The daycare he attended started reporting extremely disturbing behavior. At first I didn’t believe this was happening. I had never had a problem before with aggressive behaviors from my kids, so this was unusual. Nick started doing things like spitting, biting, hitting and throwing things at his caregivers and other children. He was out of control.

I wanted to blame someone, so I placed the blame on the daycare he had been in because they had handled the behaviors inappropriately at times themselves. Normal daycare providers are not trained to work with aggressive youth, so I am sure they were at a loss as to how to control Nick. But the fact is, Nick needed a special type of help that the other center wasn’t able to give him. Read more (Clicking on “Read more” will open another window/take the reader to another page which should have the following copy)

One day, the daycare staff told me Nick and my other children would have to leave the center because of his behavior. I was shocked because, again, I had not had a problem like this before. I was desperate and still somewhat in denial, wanting to blame everyone and myself for Nick’s behavior.

I was so very lucky to find Behaven Kids. This was the answer to my prayers and Nick’s problems. He entered the center as its first client, and I was never so thankful to find a center as wonderful as this one. Nick’s most serious behavior problems, like the biting and hitting, decreased very quickly. Other behaviors were treated over time and decreased to almost nothing by the time he entered kindergarten.

It is very difficult for a parent to admit that she could be out of control with a 3- or 4-year-old. You think to yourself that it must be something that you as a parent have done to make your child act so inappropriately. It is so hard to go out into public because of inappropriate behaviors, and it is hard to find quality daycare because of the inappropriate behaviors.

Your life is a never-ending cycle of disappointment, despair and anger. It is very important for families to have the kind of support that a center like Behaven Kids offers. I was always able to call when I had concerns or questions, but the one thing that helped the most was that we could go home feeling okay about Nick’s day and not have to worry or wonder what would happen tomorrow. I was so appreciative of the way in which behaviors were handled. The staff at Behaven Kids is a very highly trained, wonderful group of people. I would highly recommend the services that Behaven Kids provides.