Training and Workshops


Attendees of our training sessions and workshops leave with a tool kit of ideas and techniques. Past participants left behind these words of praise:

“We salute you, Janie and Roger [Janie and Roger Peterson, founders of Behaven Kids], and your staff for the work you do and for sharing your message with others. Your techniques are important, effective and not hard to do! We don’t have doctorates in child psychology, but we know and love our kids and want to help them achieve these important early childhood goals.”

“This has been such an emotional but rewarding week for us.”

“We as a staff feel like God called us to your session last weekend.  It has made such a difference in our ability to teach and maintain classroom harmony; it has allowed our sweet young kids to learn even more than before. We are enjoying the kids more and not letting their occasional misbehavior get in the way.”

“I just wanted to say that I am truly impressed with the results we’ve seen with our toddler son.”

“Our previous errors with using time-out occurred because we didn’t use it until he was really acting up.  We started using your technique on a Saturday afternoon anytime he behaved undesirably.  He wailed a lot while getting used to it for about 2 to 3 hours. By suppertime he was dropping to the floor when we said time-out and was quickly understanding that he needed to calm down and do the correct behavior to get time-in. We also used your suggestions for potty training and saw immediate improvement. Yesterday afternoon and evening he told us each time he had to potty and only had one accident.”

“Thank you for your wonderful workshop! We heard some great comments from this training.  I have already started implementing some of your ideas at home.  I am sure you made a difference in many lives.  We look forward to seeing you [Janie] and Roger at the Lincoln summer conference!”

“Wonderful, it was very useful.”

“Great speaker.  Down to earth.  Positive teachings, which can be implemented now.”

“This training was very informative and beneficial.  I truly believe I am a lot more able to become a better foster parent using what I’ve learned today.”

“The training was very helpful and informative.”

“Will start using tools learned tonight first thing in the morning.”

“I really learned a lot and it proved to be useful.”

“Really great in-service training.”

“Some of the staff said, ‘I wish all trainings could be like that!’ and another one wrote on Facebook how she had attended a great meeting at work and she was enlightened!  The staff has started using the method today and our center has a completely different feel.  Everyone is so positive and the kids are eating it up.  Even one of the toddlers started praising another toddler!  We love it!  Thank you for all of your support.  I will be contacting you in the future for a parent training!”

“Tammy did an awesome job!  The parents were engaged the whole time.  She kept it interesting and spoke on their level.  She took the time to answer questions and it was just great!”

“I have 2 children who attend Legacy Primary School, and knew that staff had been trained on your recommended techniques.  It was fantastic to have a workshop explaining these very easy- to-implement techniques so the day after the workshop, I was able to implement these strategies immediately.  It is very, very helpful to have consistent behavioral and time-out techniques at school and home. I think this has made a huge difference!  It was certainly a bonus that my kids had already worked with staff at their school to practice these same time-out techniques. They were little pros who already knew the expectations when I began implementing them at home!

An interesting observation: My kids almost seem proud of what they are able to accomplish through the time-out process. They have a clear understanding of the time-out procedure, so they know what they need to do in order to re-engage in their activities.  Also, they seem to calm quicker – again, I think it is because they know the steps of the time-out procedure. They know they are not going to be banished to a dreaded spot forever; now they know they need to do 2 things: calm down and show respect.  Also, from a parenting perspective, if feels so much better to reserve my ’talking’ for all things positive, rather than wasting them on the negative energy of over explanations of behavior  gone wrong.  Our results after 1 week: Happier Kids + Happier Parents = Happier Family!  Thanks!”

“I enjoyed learning about time-outs.  Janie is a great teacher!”

“I’ll be coming back for more workshops.  What a great class Courage Under Fire is!”

“I loved Janie’s class.  She was enthusiastic and interesting.  I will use the time-out techniques  and  intend to let my co-workers know about this training.”

“This is the only training where I have been intrigued the entire time.  She was passionate about the topic which made it easy to stay focused.”

“Janie was an amazing presenter and had great examples.  It was practical, usable information. I always leave these workshops with lots of new knowledge.”

“The WIZ was very informative and clear.  All of our questions were answered and I will now potty train with a better attitude, using the new tools I learned.”

“I loved the humor and environment was awesome.”