Our clients talk to you about their Behaven Kids experience:

Meaningful and emotional reflections from a mother who was very concerned about the fate of her son, and now years later, is appreciative of Janie Peterson and the help received from Behaven Kids.

Just in time. Mom was just about at the end of her patience with Joseph’s behavior when they found Behaven Kids. They ended the kicking. They ended the deliberate food spills in the kitchen.

If I hadn’t found Behaven Kids, I might have had to stay home and take care of Brian full-time– which would not have been practical. Behaven Kids worked with me to help my son become a better person, and hopefully to become a more productive citizen.

If we had not discovered Behaven Kids, Jose probably would have spent a lot of time in the Principal’s office. His behavior was holding him back academically, as well as with our family activities and his friends. I don’t know how the staff did it, but they understood and met his individual needs. They listened to what I had to say– the big things, and the little things.

I saw him change within the first week: Calmer, less screaming and fighting, manners returned. Behaven Kids knows what needs to be done, but it’s done in a patient and loving way. They freed him from the little prison he was in and gave him the ‘key’s to grow up.

It’s the one-on-one care that made the difference with Zachary. Mom appreciates the staff at Behaven Kids, like they were brothers and sisters.