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Birthday = Bank Breaker?

April 10th, 2012 by Behaven Kids

Whew! What a busy weekend for my husband and I.  This past Saturday we celebrated Kalila’s 7th birthday, and on Sunday we celebrated Resurrection Day (Easter) which was very eventful.  My energy is spent to say the least.  If you’ve ever had to plan a birthday party for a child, I’m sure you understand the time and energy it takes to pull off a great event that leaves everyone happy—especially the birthday child.  With that in mind, you also have to be cognizant of the cost that goes into the party.  These days it’s easy to get carried away with over-the-top birthday parties, as well as giving in to the desire of wanting to spoil your child on their special day.

As parents, I believe we all want to give our children a celebration they can remember to honor another year of life.  But that sometimes comes with finding creative ways to accomplish that desire without breaking the bank.

In planning Kalila’s birthday, we considered many options. For the past couple of years Kalila has had a birthday party at home, and this year we wanted to do something different.  She loves the Disney Princesses, so we thought about having a princess tea party which consisted of having a lady dressed up as one of the Disney princesses hosting the party and singing a song from the respective movie.  But that option was too costly, and didn’t cover the food portion of the party.  We also considered having a pottery painting party, again which would’ve been costly.  Not to mention, we come from a big family in which Kalila has a lot of cousins.  Often times, these parties have a limit of 10 children or less, which would not work for our family because someone would always be left out.  Additionally, Kalila is at the age where she wants to invite friends from school and church, which adds to the number of guests at the party.

With all things considered, we decided to allow her to have a bowling party because the per-child price was reasonable and included food.  However, we had to be creative in how we celebrated in order to get the best bang for our buck because of the size of our extended family.  So we allowed her to select a couple of friends from church to go bowling with her in addition to a couple of cousins around her age, and would conclude the party at our home with her extended family.  Bowling was a hit until the excitement of the kids at the beginning of the game fizzled down to boredom after  only bowling one round!  Go figure!  You go through all of this trouble of planning a party, only for the kids to become bored after a while.  [End rant].

Then we invited the entire family to celebrate at the house where we could have pizza, cake, and ice cream, and host an unlimited number of guests.  It turned out to work great, and seemed to be a good time had by all.  Ultimately, we saved money that way as opposed to having everyone at the bowling alley.  Next year I think we’ll opt for a party at home with a bouncy house in the yard.

What are some cost-effective birthday parties you have had for your children?  How could you make a house party fun and entertaining?