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Team Jeremiah

June 12th, 2012 by Behaven Kids

I look at my three children and I think about how blessed I am.  All of them were born fairly healthy, and not one of them has a debilitating sickness.  I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to have a sick child, having to stay strong for them as they fight to live life normally.  These past couple of days has forced me to think about this, and to count my blessings that my children are not currently in such a state, as I recently lost a dear friend to complications of muscular dystrophy.  She was just 27 years old, and although she outlived the expectations of the doctors at her birth, no parent wants to bury their own child.  I also have a seven month old nephew, Jeremiah, whom is in need of a heart transplant due to complications of HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome), and has been awaiting a new heart for the past 16 weeks down in Houston, TX.

I watch my brother and sister-in-law go through difficult circumstances pertaining to Jeremiah’s sickness, and admire their tenacity and strength as they trust God for Jeremiah’s healing.  It’s a tough situation for them to be in as my sister-in-law has been forced to uproot and leave her other three children and husband behind in Omaha, while she is with Jeremiah in Houston.  My brother-in-law and the other kids are able to make occasional trips to Houston, but not as often as they would like.  I think about how long their family has been separated, and admire their strength to get through this rough patch.  Even though Jeremiah is sick, they continue to keep their faith in God and unselfishly encourage and pray for others as if they have no problems at all.  I can’t wait to see the day when they are all united as a family again, and Jeremiah is healthy and well back in Omaha.

We have created a community of support for Jeremiah on Facebook, Team Jeremiah, as he waits for his new heart, and encourage people to join in with our faith that he will be healed soon.    We have also created a website for monetary support to help offset the debt incurred with his treatment.  On the website you can also order a Team Jeremiah t-shirt which is an added bonus for donating to the cause.

I encourage parents to think about your family; if you are fortunate enough to have healthy children, never take it for granted no matter how much they may do something that causes you to lose patience.  Think about how many families are apart, or have had to quit their jobs because they had to devote time and make sacrifices so that their children could have a chance at life.  And when you consider these families, take time to pray for their well-being and their victory in the fight. With situations such as Jeremiah’s, consider being an organ donor as one organ donor can save up to eight lives.  Click here to sign up to be an organ donor or to learn more . Another way to help while you are still alive and well is to donate blood with the American Red Cross.  One donation saves up to three lives.  Live everyday to the fullest and remember when you feel like complaining, it could always be worse.  So please don’t take anything in life for granted.