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Snackin It!

August 8th, 2012 by Behaven Kids

If you’ve followed my blogs in the past, you know how important providing healthy snacks to my family is to me.  There are so many different choices out there and I am always conscious about what foods they are putting into their bodies.

Recently I explained it to a friend in this way – if you have a nice car, you only put premium gas in it right?  Isn’t your body worth more than a car? So shouldn’t you always be striving to put only the best things into it?

Now don’t get me wrong – I occasionally give the boys a french fry or a piece of candy – but that is not the norm in my house.  I always look for the least processed option, with the most natural ingredients, organic, and local if possible.  And I avoid fake sugars and artificial dyes at all costs.

When they are at home, they have no problem eating whatever I provide them – be it fresh guacamole or a fruit salad but where I find we run into issues is when we are out with friends.  Reece has started to want the same foods that his friends have – if they have a ho-ho, he wonders why he can’t have one too.  He grasps the difference between healthy foods and junk foods but still doesn’t quite understand why junk food is so bad.  I don’t want to place importance on weight (i.e. junk food will make you fat) so I often respond with that healthy foods will help him run faster, jump higher, and do better in school.  Some days he is satisfied with those answers but others those words mean little to him.  He just wants to have snacks like his friends – not a bag of carrots!

So I’ve started looking for snacks that will appease him, yet leave me feeling confident that I am still providing him with a healthy choice.  I’ve found a few good options that I keep a stock of at the house, my favorite being Pirate’s Booty.  I first found them at Whole Foods but in the last few months, I’ve noticed them popping up at my local grocery stores, Targets, etc.   They are baked rice and corn puffs, that are all natural, and gluten & trans fat free.  My boys can’t get enough of them – they come in “chip” bags (so they think they are getting chips like their friends) and they are yummy!! Yummy factor is important as I realized one day when Reece was happily eating an all natural popsicle and offered one to the neighbor girl – her face turned and I got a big “ick” – and wouldn’t you know it – Reece no longer wanted those popsicles.  He wanted ones that his friends would want to eat with him (to be honest though, they were pretty nasty – I’m surprised he even ate them!)

I always keep Pirate’s Booty on hand now (although I have to hide the supply because otherwise it will be gone in a day!)  and am so happy that the company decided to partner with us for Win it Wednesday!!  They provided us a big supply of my personal favorite flavor – Aged White Cheddar.  I can pronounce each ingredient and each 1 oz bag has only 130 calories! So not only is it a great snack for the boys, I’ve been known to sneak some out of the bag when they aren’t looking =)

We will pick THREE winners this week!!  For your chance to win some of this yummy stuff (think school lunches, after school snacks, emergency car snack) – comment below with your child’s favorite snack food.

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Super Snacks

July 31st, 2012 by Behaven Kids

With school fast approaching…it’s time to get your portfolio of after-school snacks ready!  Here are a few of our favorites (ones the require few ingredients and little time)!

Homemade Fruit Snacks from 100% Juice

Recipe from Mommy Savers!


Grape Banana Ice-cream

Recipe from Emily’s Healthy Home


Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Recipe from Iowa Girl Eats


Frozen Peanut Butter & Strawberry Banana Bites

Recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers


Apple Sandwiches

Recipe from Whole Foods Market


For more great super snack ideas – check out our Pinterest board!