Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals.

Behaven Kids offers engaging, enjoyable training that teaches effective skills to child care centers, agencies, parents and caregivers, schools, Moms’ groups, conferences and more. To hear what attendees say about our training, click here.

Workshops range from one hour to multi-day events. We will customize workshops to fit your needs.

Here are some of the presentations we offer:


Dealing with Problem Behaviors
Learn how to quickly and effectively use discipline and praise/rewards to increase appropriate behaviors. Praise and rewards are emphasized as a powerful tool for teaching children. Time-out is also explained in detail, including the effective use of various time-out techniques.



Hitting, Kicking and Biting – How to Work with the Aggressive Child
Understand why children use aggression. Learn alternative skills to teach children and effective discipline techniques to reduce or eliminate aggression.



How to Take a Trip to the Store Without Begging and Temper Tantrums
We’ve all either seen children acting up at a store or experienced this first-hand. You can learn to engage the attention of your children during a trip to the store, in order to successfully complete your tasks and leave a store peacefully. Presenters discuss techniques that provide valuable learning opportunities for the child and parent during excursions.



Teach Your Child to Be Good During Religious Services
Learn proven techniques to increase quiet, attentive behaviors during services. You will learn valuable options for parents to use during services so that everyone can participate fully.



How to Make Sleep Time Successful
When children won’t stay in their beds, want to sleep with mom and dad, won’t lie still for naps or just refuse to fall asleep, it affects their ability to listen and cooperate. On top of that, everyone loses sleep! Learn the proper environment to enhance sleep readiness and the appropriate discipline to use when a child misbehaves at nap or bedtime.



How to Build Strong Partnerships Between Parents and Caregivers
Discuss sound, respectful ways to build relationships so that parents and caregivers can work together in the best interest of the child, particularly when disagreements arise. Discuss specific techniques that help build respect and cooperation between one another.



How to Teach Play, Sportsmanship and Sharing
Discuss age-appropriate guidelines on how to teach these valuable life skills to children. Focus on step-by-step processes to build skills and learn to use praise and rewards to maintain them.



How to Teach Toilet Training and Make It Successful
Discuss when to start potty training and which techniques provide success in a short period of time. Prepare to begin or restart the toilet training process with fun ideas and excitement!



How to Effectively Supervise Child Care Center Staff
Supervisors have a unique challenge trying to motivate and develop staff. In some situations, supervising staff can feel more like walking the plank. Before you walk that line, come to this workshop to learn successful techniques. Learn how to praise and motivate staff, how to give suggestions so they will be implemented, and how to confront difficult issues in a positive manner. Through effective strategies, your staff will soon be Walking the Line for you.



Learn proven techniques to help manage picky eating problems as well as overeating challenges
You will learn valuable options for parents to use during meal time to ensure children are learning appropriate meal time social skills.


About the Presenter

Training and workshops are conducted by mental health professionals who are highly skilled in Behaven Kids’ techniques. Each has an extensive background working with children of all ages and their families. All are entertaining, motivating and knowledgable.

Janie and Roger Peterson, founders and CEOs of Behaven Kids, are energetic speakers who enjoy presenting across the country to large and small groups. Please call 402.933.5700 to request information about their speaking topics and schedules.